3D environments by Suparno Panda

Zeus Creates

Based in India, Suparno Panda creates amazing fantasy environments with realistic lighting, textures and details. With clear influences from classical architecture and ancient mythology, he first renders the main elements with Blender then adds extra effects with Photoshop.

We spoke to Suparno (better known by his online username @zeus_creates) about his epic three-dimensional creations, his collaborations with other artists and his latest project.

Why do you create?

Creating is always a pleasure for me. It's always such a high to see the ideas in your head come to life in front of you. Whether it be an animation or a still image I really enjoy the process of starting from nothing and ending up with a finished piece. It's often quite different from what I had originally planned and that is another reason that it is so much fun to do.

Everyone has a story to tell and their own way of telling them. The difference is in the tools and expertise.

What makes your art unique?

I believe that everyone's art is unique. Everyone has a story to tell and has their own way of telling them. The difference is in the tools and expertise. That said, I try to make things I am inspired by. Being 100% unique is not possible as everything is inspired by something in this world. Getting ideas from other artists and mixing them with my own ideas is the way I go with my art. That is enough for it to be unique, in my opinion.

What's your latest project?

My latest project is actually a collaboration with a friend of mine @visxcls. It will be dropped as a collection of 3 pieces on Foundation. It explores the journey of an artist (a musician in our case) from humble beginnings to legendary status. Finalizing our last piece of the collection at the moment and we will drop it as soon as possible.

Where do you sell your work?

Foundation is my favorite platform for selling NFTs. It has been decently successful for me and I hope that continues in the future as well. Apart from Foundation, I am also on Bubblehouse who recently launched their beta NFT app and I am one of the flagship creators. I've already dropped my genesis there and only a few more pieces are available before they sell out.

I use Twitter and Instagram to promote my work. Twitter is always the platform for NFTs right now. Instagram is also a big one as their traffic is really huge. I am trying to build communities on both of the platforms right now.

I want to tell my stories to the world and hope that it inspires them to tell their stories in turn.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere, but you have to be looking. I try not to limit myself and search for inspiration in all places. It can be found in mundane daily life as well as the bountiful nature outside. Also, another big source of inspiration is other artists. I always look at the work of artists I admire and in some way that inspires me and feeds my creativity as well.


What are your future ambitions?

My future ambition is to make a living with my art so that I don't have to do anything else but art. Also, I do want to create short films or even a feature film (animated) someday. In short, I want to tell my stories to the world and hope that it inspires them to tell their stories in turn.

All the masters have been complete beginners in the past and had to learn everything you are doing.

Do you have any advice for other artists?

Art is a journey and it is a long one. Don't get frustrated when you see people making masterpieces and you fail to do even simple things. Remember that behind those masterpieces hide years of effort and frustration. All the masters you see have been complete beginners in the past and they had to learn everything that you are doing. Just keep going one day at a time and maybe you can reach your desired level one day. If you don't give up and love the process of creating, you are bound to create masterpieces.

Many thanks to Suparno Panda for answering our questions. You can see more of his art by using the links on his Linktree, or you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.
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