Art and illustrations by Luna Walter


Worcestershire-based artist, author and teacher Luna Walter creates deeply atmospheric, narrative-driven works. Her illustrative style perfectly portrays a wide spectrum of human emotions, from the horrors of war to the beauty of love and sensuality.

The majority of Luna's work is inspired by a vivid recurring dream about the lives of two genetic clones, which she's had for several years. Following the release of two novels - What Would God Think?: Connected and What Would God Think?: Disconnected - she's now combining her talents to create a fully-illustrated version of the story, called Entwined.

Why do you create?

I come from a family of artists, architects, and designers and creativity has just always been a part of my life. It was ever-present throughout my early years. When I was very young I channeled my creative energy into dancing, but after breaking my leg in a horse accident I turned to painting and drawing to release my creativity.

How and where do you work?

I started my carrier as an art director, working in advertising. This moved onto freelance illustrating and then, after the birth of my son, I became an art teacher. Teaching is now my main source of income, although I still sell my paintings and illustrations.

I get my inspiration from people and their emotions. I like to capture the feelings and the soul...

I have three part-time jobs teaching art to adults with special needs, mental health issues and acquired brain injuries. I keep one day a week free for my own work and my commissioned projects. So, there is no typical day as every day is very different, and I like it that way!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from people and their emotions. I like to capture the feelings and the soul of a human. I mostly love portraiture and figure drawing. A lot of my recent drawing work has been inspired by a dream I had and turned into an illustrated novel. I have drawn over a thousand drawings of this dream and drawing the story is still my favourite way to relax. I also love to paint sensual / erotic art. So, my work can be quite extremely diverse.

What influences your work?

I love the work of the French impressionist artists, especially the way they capture light and their use of colour. I scroll through Instagram and discover artists from all over the world, that I've never heard of before, who are producing incredible artwork that should be famous!

Where do you sell your art?

I sold my first painting at Greenwich market in London when I was in my early twenties! I used to sell in London galleries and also local galleries in and around Worcester and Cheltenham. They take such a huge commission though, so now I sell my work through social media. I have a Patreon account where I sell a lot of my drawings and recently I have opened an online shop.

I have developed a substantial following over the past few years ... people seem to really like my artwork!

How do you promote yourself and your work?

With three separate jobs I have a lot less time than I would like, but that is a poor excuse and I have never been good at promoting or selling myself! It is my weakness and I know it! I prefer to spend my free time drawing my dream, and then hiding my work away in a draw! Luckily though, my son is great at promotion and is about to get my artwork out of the closet!

My work is on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and I have developed a substantial following over the past few years. Not only does this generate a small income for me through sales, but more importantly, it has boosted my confidence; people seem to really like my artwork!

What are your future ambitions?

I would love to exhibit in major galleries; now that would be a dream come true! I am also really hoping to turn my published, illustrated novel into a magazine series and I want it to become a best seller! And last but not least, I want to live in a little house by the sea!

Do you have any advice for other artists?

Try and believe in yourself a little bit earlier in life than I did. The only thing stopping you from becoming a successful artist in this competitive world, is you! And practice, practice and then practice a bit more; do whatever it is you do with a passion!

The more I draw and paint, the better I get. 100% not there yet, but I will get there!

Massive thanks to Luna for answering our questions. You can buy Luna Walter's books on Amazon, view more paintings on her website, plus follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
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